Friday, 18 February 2011

#Misi21 Day 8: 1st visit to obgyn..hello Babybee!

Today my dear husband took the morning off to accompany me to the obgyn, as a result of this. We were going to go to RS Asri or KMC.. but decided to phone first and ask if there's any female obgyn available. RS Asri said there's one but at 4pm.. and KMC was unable to reach by phone (initially I really wanted to go here..seems like a good place and close to home too). Then the horrendous process begins.. we called so many hospitals around the area, even far like RSIA Muhammadiyah Taman Puring but to no avail. No female doctors were available that morning. We then called RS Hermina Jatinegara and got lucky, a dr. Nining is available... So off we went...

Dr. Nining had to tend to giving birth so she wasn't available straight away. We had time to eat (great food, nasi tim ayam for Eneng and kupat sayur for Akang), and after that we didn't wait that long even though our number was 8 (turned out not everyone came). We went in, said that I think I'm pregnant, laid down and they did an ultrasound (USG) on me and there it was on the monitor... our little one.. Babybee*.. only 1-2mm long, but it's there in my womb.

babybee should look something like this now
Alhamdulillah wa syukurillah...

I was too happy that Babybee was visible and was in the right place that I didn't even ask how old he** is and when he is due to enter the world. >__< Silly me. Akang juga ga nanya lagi.. Dan ga kepikiran juga buat foto hasil USG di monitor.. padahal sekarang udh kangen pengen liat dia lagi.

When I got home, I found out that dr. Nining is quite recommended, plus she also has practice in RSB Siaga II which is very close to home.. so maybe I'll visit her there next time, cos Jatinegara is not very comfortable to reach from where I live, and the environment there is not so nice too.

*Babybee, short for Baby Baktilugina ;)
**Let's assume Babybee is a he for now, until we know what sex he is. We plan our firstborn to be a boy. Plus blame it on the English language :p


  1. wah,,selamat ya...
    uda berapa minggu dede bayi nya????

  2. @ riesta: makasih yaa.. masih baru 5 minggu.. doakan ya. riesta jg lagi isi ya? mudah2an lancar juga yaa.. seangkatan dong nanti anak qta :)