Friday, 18 February 2011

#Misi21 Day 7: Next process in job quest

The week before I was called by a recognised private university in Jakarta for an interview to be part of their workforce. It was the best interview I ever experienced, just like a conversation between 2 professionals, I enjoyed it very much. The best (or most scary) part is that I was going to be put in a higher position as I originally applied for, a position where I actually have staff working for I get to teach! How exciting.

Today, I did the next part of this process: psychotest, English proficiency test and interview. I was a bit scared as I got another really exciting news the day before (see #Misi21 Day 6) so I knew that it would affect this process, be it the process in that day itself or how they would consider my (wonderful) condition should they choose to hire me. It started at 8am, the road there was hellish since it's far from my house. Luckily my mum took me there, it really helped to calm me down :) I haven't done the psikotest in a long time so I was a bit rusty plus my physical condition so I don't know how I did. The English test went fine, TOEFL turned out to be easier than IELTS. Especially the listening.. in IELTS the conversation is not always in plain English, sometimes they have people speaking English in other foreign accents or other English accents like Scottish etc so that's hard.. but in TOEFL everyone just speaks American English. Easy peasy. In the interview, I was drained already as it was 3.30pm. The lady, who turned out to be part of HRD, was kind enough.. but I didn't have the energy to think of anything to ask her when she asked if I would like to ask her anything (twice she did this).. but I think I answered her questions all right. So the only drawback was my reluctance to ask her stuff (as she's HRD, I'd rather ask about the job description but she wouldn't know that).. plus the fact that she's been informed of my good news. She said the results of today will be reviewed and if successful I will be contacted for a final interview with the Recruitment Manager, which means I was already accepted and I just need to discuss the technicalities, whether I agree to them. Shucks. I thought that that process was going to be done right then and there. Oh well. If I do get it, Alhamdulillah.. I have the chance to contribute to the family finance, it would really help with this little one on the way. If not, Alhamdulillah.. I have the chance to concentrate on making sure my little one is always healthy inside.. So, either way, nothing to lose. Just have to istikharah everyday, and whatever happens is Allah's decision and will.. I can only say ALHAMDULILLAH :)


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