Monday, 14 January 2019

Bye bye hypothetical baby

Maybe it's the fact that I am doing a netnographic research of Facebook groups on breastfeeding/child-rearing which discusses about breastfeeding and babies/young children in general, seeing my own kids grow up and be school-age children kinda made me miss the good ol' baby days. Then looking at feeds of people having babies gave me "baby fever", making me want to have (another) one of my own. Like, I even actually already have a name for this one (a girl's name of course).


The thought of secretly taking off my IUD without telling my husband crossed my mind, haha, but I didn't really do it. But since it's been 5 years since I had it on, I think it's time to check it. I actually forgot if the IUD in me was for 5 or 7 years 🙈 But anyway so I told my husband that I have to do a check up on my IUD, if it's going to be removed, should I put a new one straight in or wait a while. (Critanya ngarep dicopot bentar gitu kan...) But, without hesitation, he told me to put it in straight away!

There goes my hope of holding a little baby (girl, please) 😥

But, only Allah has the power to bring life so ya never know *ever the optimistic aren't we?*


Although the teeny tiny logical voice in me says that having my boys is enough, I'm overwhelmed as it is. A new kid is probably just an excuse from parenting the other two, which will be kind of sad if she does actually materializes in my womb.