Thursday, 31 January 2013

New hospital, new doctors

The Baktiluginas changed hospitals. Cuma beda 1 huruf depannya doang sih, dari K ke J haha. Tempatnya juga deketan kok, paling jaraknya 2-3 km aja.


Memang perbedaan diantara keduanya sangat jauh, yang satu RSIA, satu RS biasa. Tapi yang paling jauh bedanya itu adalah: harga.


Di RS K yang dulu, biaya kontrol dokter spesialis anak Rp. 300rb dan dokter kandungan Rp. 325rb. Di RS J yang baru ini, Rp. 125rb saja untuk DSA maupun DSOG. Harga vaksin juga murah. Di RS J ini juga kemarin USG transvag cuma kena Rp. 150rban klo ga salah, di RS K USG transvag Rp 300rban, USG biasa juga diatas 100rb. Di RS J blm nyobain USG biasa sih. Tapi gila kan ngiritnya bisa jauh banget!


Trus dokter di RS J gimana? Awalnya pernah nyobain DSA yang hasil googling ktny cukup oke. Ternyata malah gak cocok. Pas ke DSA itu, lg ada DSA lain praktek dan antrian dia kok panjang. Berarti lebih oke dong dokternya. Jadi aja kemarin imunisasi di DSA baru itu dan ternyata iyaa.. lemah lembut kemayu njawani gitu haha. Aduh baik bener deh, trus gw dipanggil Mbak dong, biasanya kan Ibu atau Mama gitu hihihi. Sayangnya gak terlalu eksis di dunia maya jadi waktu itu susah cari review tentang beliau haha. Tp klo soal RUM belum diuji sih dia, krn kemarin datang kesana cuma untuk imunisasi aja.


Review DSOG disana juga lumayan. Masih muda gitu, baik dan mau ditanya2, cuma belum ketauan pro-normal pro-ASI, IMD, VBAC, RUM dllnya karena kemaren cuma sebentar banget kesananya gara2 bawa Raka yang gak bisa diem, jadi ga sempet nanya2 lebih lanjut walhasil keluar dr situ nyesel banget. Senangnya dia supporting nursing while pregnant, tapii keukeuh gw harus minum susu hamil (iyuhhh ngebayanginnya eneg.. lebih enak susu segar atau UHT).


Patah hati banget sih gak bisa ketemu Budokter dan Tante Dokter lagi. Saking sedih dan kangennya sampe kebawa mimpi berkali2 haha kasian yah. Tadinya senang dikirain Budokter masih praktek di RS G deket kantor jadi bisa kesana pulang kantor, eh pas telpon ternyata udah enggak. Ternyata udah pindah ke RS H Ciputat yang baru buka. Jadi yah, sempet kepikiran juga sih bakal menyambangi dia di RS di Ciputat itu hehe. DSOG baru ini juga praktek disitu, daan praktek juga di RSPP tempat Tante Dokter berkantor sehari2.


Rencana lahiran? Gak di RS manapun yang disebut diatas haha.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Good bye, Enin...

 I lost my only grandma in the beginning of the week. Last Monday, 21st January 2013, she left us - her 15 children, 54 grandchildren, 37 great-grandchildren and numerous in-laws and grand-in-laws - to be with her Creator, Alloh SWT.

The saddest part is, we couldn't see her during her last minutes, we were stuck in Jakarta's Monday morning traffic. :'''''''((((

Good bye, Enin. Insya Allah khusnul khotimah ya, banyak banget yang mendoakan Enin. Semoga dilapangkan di dalam kubur, bisa dipertemukan dengan Aki di Surga dan berada di sisi Alloh SWT dan mendapat syafa'at Nabi Muhammad SAW.

We love you, our superwoman granny.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Update on Further Study Plan

The internet in the office’s been going on and off lately. And earlier we had a blackout for about 1 hour. PLN oh PLN..


So, instead of doing stuff but getting delayed because of the internet connection, let’s just blog :D


How’s my plan for further study going? OK so far… In a boost of inspiration, I got half a page written of the research proposal. The delay is mainly I keep changing what I really want to talk about. I mean, I know the topic, but the areas of focus are still undecided. I had to do some reading to finally decide what I want to focus on in the research. I hope I get the rough draft ready in a week’s time. Then after that, I will contact my previous supervisor and hand him the proposal. I’m quite sure he would modify it to suit us better, so I’m really hoping for his input.


I have also researched other opportunities domestically, in Indonesia I mean. If I were to do a degree here, most probably from my own pocket. Which is hard, since I have a family, we’d rather use the money for our children’s schooling right?? A postgraduate degree generally cost between 8-12 million rupiahs per semester. I checked for an S3 in IPB where they have the study field that I want, it’s 8 million per semester, total is 6 semesters. Unfortunately there’s not much opportunity for S3 in my field here in Indonesia. The choice is very limited in Bogor, or Depok, or a regular private university in Jakarta. There’s a good one in UGM but that’s too far, unless Akang gets placed there.


Oh that brings me to another topic: I’m kinda hoping Akang would be placed somewhere else and not where he is right now…even if outside Jakarta that would be fine.


Back to topic: Anyway, if I were to do a degree here in Indonesia, I want to do another Master. Since I only got 1.5 years during my previous one, so I want to deepen my knowledge of that field by studying another Master degree in a similar field. The choice is either 1. Communication or 2. Social Science. I really prefer the 2nd once, since, although my official degree is Master of Communication, really what we learnt during those 1.5 years is mostly social studies. But, if I did a degree in social science, there’s not much opportunity for me to teach here in Indonesia. Whereas most universities would have a Communication department, the Social Science department is usually confined in the state universities. And being a lecturer at a state university means I have to become PNS. We (me, Akang, mum) agreed I won’t become PNS. Mum said, “Jadi PNS dilarang kaya!” haha.


So let’s see what Allah has planned for me..

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Another one on the universe telling me to do PhD

I’m going to keep posting these “signs” just to remind myself or rather keep motivating myself that I’m really meant to do this :)


So, another sign came when I was approached by a student who wants to continue studying in Australia upon graduation from high school/SMA. Compared to my other students of his age, he was quite simple, yet, I can probably say he is the smartest. He actually received a scholarship from the Ministry of Education Indonesia to study overseas because he won this international competition, where he designed a device to help rice farmers obtain more yield (or something like that :D). Aaand.. HE GOT AN OFFICIAL PATENT OF THIS PRODUCT. How cool is that, having your own patent at 17 years old???


So anyway, he came to me with the regular application documents. On the application form, there’s a statement to provide research plan – but that’s only for (postgraduate) research students. But he missed that information, and came to me with not one, but TWO research proposals that he plans to undertake during his Bachelor degree. This. Is. Phenomenal.


I mean, usually my students just come without knowing what they want to do, or even if they do, research is the last thing on their minds. Because anyway, in Australia, research such as final project or skripsi is an optional component. So you graduate after 3 years of study with a Bachelor degree. If you want to do research, then you do it for 1 extra year – called the honours year – upon which your degree would be Bachelor of Honours. Some of them don’t even know how to fill in the application form, or just too lazy to do things for themselves. Well, I guess because most of the kids who come to me are from privileged background where they’ve had people do things for them all their lives.


So yeah, that was another “sign of the universe” for me. If this young 17-year-old can be so enthusiastic and able to make 2 research proposals for a research project that he won’t undertake until 3.5 years later, then what’s delaying me writing that 1-2 page proposals that’s supposed to be sent my next month, for research to be done in 2014???


*whips self*

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