Sunday, 31 October 2010

Wichi's No-Facebook Tweeting and Blogging Philosophy

I don't have Facebook. I did delete my twitter and blog but have since created new accounts for both. New accounts, new philosophy on tweeting and blogging.

I like Twitter and blog because they provide a healthy platform of expression. They promote literacy and also an effective stress-reliever. Oh and the art of it, too! Trying to express your consciousness in just 140 characters is an art I'm enjoying more and more. I try not to use Twitlonger or similar services as they are an
insult to Twitter philosophy for me :) Furthermore,  for me the information shared on Twitter and blog are more useful than the information on Facebook. As for networking, well, if my Facebook friends are friends I know in real life, I'd prefer the traditional way of networking. I feel more connected meeting someone in person, on the phone, being sent text messages or even emails, rather than a few words on my comments page on Facebook. Some of the comments are even not appropriate and doesn't really show you care. Right?

And what, pray tell, is my new philosophy when writing a tweet or a blog post?

  1. First and foremost, the goal should be manfaat vs mudharat. More manfaat, less mudharat
  2. As pointless as a tweet may sound like, it should serve someone (more likely me) good rather than become something bad.
  3. Do not shame anyone, and most importantly do not shame yourself. I represent a whole family now, I must uphold my honour and that of my husband's. This is my obligation as a (Muslim) wife.
  4. As much as possible, your writing be useful for the reader Get just enough of it.. Too much of anything is never good for you :)

Back to Facebook, I did delete it because I've experienced some unpleasant things with it. Other people may think that's pretty ordinary for a Facebook user but to me it's uncomfortable. And unsafe. And generally I found more mudharat than manfaat on Facebook. Sure, there are always risks. But I'm not willing to take them anymore, it just proves to be not worth it at all now.

So I'm just gonna enjoy tweeting and blogging away, and don't look at me funny when you've found out I'm not on Facebook..


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