Monday, 11 October 2010

(ending?) the honeymoon phase

In a week, I'll be married for three months. *plok plok plok* Alhamdulillah... But people say after three months, the "honeymoon phase" ends and we both enter the new reality of married life. One that is not all nice and sweet as in the honeymoon phase.

Honestly, thinking that things could fall worse is a scary thought. Well of course! I mean, we didn't take three months to have our bickerings now and then, mostly over simple things. Yup, my overdramatic self had to cry and wail in the last few weeks she has become a missus. :(

Fortunately, I am very blessed by Allah. He has shown me that everything has a meaning, every cloud has a silver lining. So I might be crying and wailing one day, but it always ended with a new dawning thought on what I should do to improve myself, what we should do to improve this family and take it to heaven..aminn.

So what does it feel to be married? When asked this question (and I've had plenty since the ijab qabul ^^) I would smile and reply "Alhamdulillah..." For sure, there are mixed feelings. I've come to realise that there are some pretty undesirable character traits that I own, and my husband, though soft and caring, sometimes do practice tough love when I'm being overly unbearable. Hehe. So me the drama queen often make big fuss out of small things and thinking I'm the most unfortunate person faced with the most unfortunate incident ever. If you know me well enough, you'll know that's the sort of person I am. (Bahasa Indonesia-nya: lebay! hehe) But my dear husband is trying to fix me on this, to get me grounded. And hey, wasn't that what I was always looking for?? Realising I'm too much of a dreamer, I had asked God to find me a man that can bring me down to earth so I could face life together with him forever and ever. And He gave me one :) But sometimes it's hard to give up the fairytale-princess world...

I think living together with the intensity that a married couple go through is impossible if not faced with some little problems. I mean, we're still adjusting to each other, especially when you haven't known him/her that long. So as big as the problem may sound at the time, when it's over, I don't really make a fuss about it because it's normal for me.

But overall... Subhanallah... being married is "gRRReat!!!" *scottish style* All the good stuff I've ever imagined being married is like actually happened to me. Alhamdulillah.. hihi.. My husband is a sweet, caring, responsible guy and I wouldn't want to trade him with another! Haha. Alhamdulillah.. Alhamdulillah.. It is so true what the Prophet had said, marriage is fulfilling half of religion. I do feel more complete as a wife.

Our journey is long, and I'm sure not always filled with the sweet stuff.. but when there are rocks ahead, I know they are just reminders to lead us both back to the righteous path, to our original commitment to each other to what marriage is, and it's piety to our one and only God Allah subhanahuwata'ala and as a means to lead us to the heavenly afterlife..

But going back to the beginning, just before I end this post.. Will the Baktiluginas end their honeymoon phase?? Most likely not.. well, not until December anyway... In the meantime, we're enjoying our 5-month honeymoon in Brisbane, Australia.. courtesy of AusAid.^^v

...and don't forget, our first honeymoon in Bali is presented by the lovely girls of Gerombolan Siberat! :-*


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