Friday, 4 October 2013


Amidst the lack of sleep, the pain in my lower belly and the discomfort it has caused (cannot bath freely, less mobility, irritation around the plaster covering the scar etc etc), sore breasts.due excessive use by tandem nursing and lip tie in my newborn, dealing with a tantrum-y (kicking, crying, hitting) toddler embarking on his terrible two phase and sibling jealousy... I FEEL LIKE THE MOST BLESSED WOMAN ON EARTH.

I feel my life is complete with my boys around. Akang, Raka and now Rai is here. I would not ask for more. Alhamdulillaah.. And which favours of your Lord do you deny????

Thank you Akang, for choosing me as your wife.
Thank you Raka and Rai, for choosing me as your mother.
You three are my reason for living.

..and THANK YOU ALLAH, for sending them to be in my life.

*maap rada mellow, maklum hormon ibu baru msh labil hehe.. Birth story menyusul :))*


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