Tuesday, 31 December 2013

twenty thirteen thankfuls

2013... Whattayear!!!

Thankful for these in 2013:

The chubby baby that just finished his nighttime feed :)) you are the highlight of the year my Rayi.. both carrying you inside, giving birth to you and caring for you til now.

Rakaa.. I finally fulfilled your right to be breastfed until 2 years. The last months were surely hard for us with me being pregnant then having Rayi. We endured those trying times of nursing while pregnant and tandem nursing. I don't care if it's weaning with love or not.. whatever it is I truly did it out of love, baby.

Resigning from my fulltime job. I can be with my boys 24/7. Best. Ever.

Passing the scholarship selection. Endured a 12-day training then officially becoming an LPDP awardee for doctoral program to the University of Queensland. Meeting wonderful people during the training. As in, really jawdroppingly amazing Indonesians.

Thank you Allah for my boys. Akang. Raka. Rayi..

..and the rest of my family.

2014 will surely be more exciting with 2 toddlers, moving to our own house, becoming a doctoral student.. amiiiinnn...

Happy new year 2014, folks!


  1. selamat tahun baru, semoga apa yang dicita-citakan tercapai ya :)

    1. Selamat tahun baru juga..amiinn..

      Ya ampunn ini Indi yg terkenal itu yaa.. yg nulis novel Mika??


      Makasiih ya udah mampir... :))