Thursday, 22 August 2013

On the shocking revelation

Went to obgyn for 34+ week checkup. Got some shocking news: Rai is breech and overweight. Totally heartbroken. Ready to discuss when to have my elective c-sect operation as my VBAC hope flew out the window. Delivering breech and overweight will be too risky for VBAC.

Then obgyn said "Jangan jadi bimbang dulu.. Masih bisa muter, saya tunggu sampai 38 minggu." She will not even discuss about the c-sect and told me instead to focus on exercise to turn the baby to the optimal position for birth (knee chest position) and other exercise and watch my diet to control Rai's weight.. So that I can give birth normally and spontaneously.

The person who will bring Rai into this world still believes in me... So I have to work hard to make sure this VBAC happens. Let's work together, little Rai, my miracle baby...


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