Sunday, 4 December 2011

Rory's Story: The Circus

Once upon a time, that's how we begin this story
Of a young boy, his name is Rory
He lived with his family on the edge of the hills
Over the meadow full of blooming daffodils
One day Rory learnt there's a circus in town
He wanted to see it, especially the clowns
He asked his parents if he could go
But it was too far away, so they said "No!"
Rory was sad, but he thought of a way
He said to his parents he's out to play
He said he's playing with his best friend
Who lived nearby, just round the bend
He did go see his best friend Ben
But not to play in his house then
Instead they quietly got in the back
Of Ben's dad truck which were full of sacks
Ben's dad was going to town to sell corn
And off he went, honking his horn
Not knowing that there were two boys at the back
Cramped between his corn sacks
They finally stopped at the marketplace
The boys got off and ran like in a race
They entered the circus in its big red top
And saw the clowns, the lions and the bunny hop
Contented and happy they walked back
But the truck in the market was a sight they lack
Because Ben's had gone home before
When his corn was sold out, he left his store
They were confused, they let out a moan
For their houses were far, they couldn't go home alone
They sat slouched and crying, not knowing what to do
They were too far from home, and it was getting dark too
But they should be grateful as they were in luck
Driving back to the market was Ben's dad in his truck
He was back to get something he left in his store
He was surprised to see Ben and Rory by the door
Ben explained what they'd done to his dad
And naturally his dad got mad
Rory's dad became angry too
When he found out what his son was up to
"What you did was dangerous and bad,"
"You could be hurt!" said Rory's dad
So Rory was punished, it was his fate
To stay inside for two weeks straight
Rory pondered, alone in his room
He realised he was wrong amidst his gloom
He promised himself never to lie again
For it only caused misery and pain
Now it's clear, yes, he could see
That honesty is the best policy


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