Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Wish List

Nothing much to blog about.. actually there is plenty but too lazy to write when I have the time, but when I don't have the time the words just come out -_-

Anyway, we all love wishlists right.. riiight?? I think I'll have more chances of getting the things I want if I write them down. Of course, they're random and unsorted and may not even be really important (but some of them might be), but it always helps to have a record that you can go over once in a while to see which ones have you done and which ones haven't.

So enough yapping, I'll start my random and unsorted wish list ;)

  • Macbook (tiap ngeliat komputer putih dgn gambar apel selalu ngileer...), dan juga teman2nya such as iPad or I wouldn't mind an iPhone or iPod Touch, hehe
  • a (+) test pack result..please...
  • a nice house, with a decent-sized kitchen and bathroom, and a tiny garden.. and lots of sunlight pouring throughout the house
  • a Toyota Avanza (ga muluk2 dulu deh, hehe)
  • ..although I miss my (Mum's) Innova.. (kangen nyetir ini mah)
  • a dishwasher!!
  • a romantic getaway to Sunshine Coast, staying at a resort on the beach, just for one day ;)
  • ...or if possible, go to tropical North Queensland, see the Great Barrier Reef
  • ngajak Ade ke Great Barrier Reef
  • atau kasih hadiah kamera DSLR (aren't I a good sister?!?)
  • go to IKEA again and buy lots of stuff for our new house which we don't have yet (the house I mean, we don't have a house yet, well we do technically but it needs a lot of work done there)
Ah udah ngantuk ah.. dilanjutin entar2 ajah. Hehe.

FYI, I just downloaded IKEA's Home Planner and Google's SketchUp jadi mau mulai merancang2 rumah nih.. huahahaa.. padahal rumahny aja kaga tau kaya apa, ukuran2ny ga ada... but it'll be fun ;)
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