Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Update on Further Study Plan

The internet in the office’s been going on and off lately. And earlier we had a blackout for about 1 hour. PLN oh PLN..


So, instead of doing stuff but getting delayed because of the internet connection, let’s just blog :D


How’s my plan for further study going? OK so far… In a boost of inspiration, I got half a page written of the research proposal. The delay is mainly I keep changing what I really want to talk about. I mean, I know the topic, but the areas of focus are still undecided. I had to do some reading to finally decide what I want to focus on in the research. I hope I get the rough draft ready in a week’s time. Then after that, I will contact my previous supervisor and hand him the proposal. I’m quite sure he would modify it to suit us better, so I’m really hoping for his input.


I have also researched other opportunities domestically, in Indonesia I mean. If I were to do a degree here, most probably from my own pocket. Which is hard, since I have a family, we’d rather use the money for our children’s schooling right?? A postgraduate degree generally cost between 8-12 million rupiahs per semester. I checked for an S3 in IPB where they have the study field that I want, it’s 8 million per semester, total is 6 semesters. Unfortunately there’s not much opportunity for S3 in my field here in Indonesia. The choice is very limited in Bogor, or Depok, or a regular private university in Jakarta. There’s a good one in UGM but that’s too far, unless Akang gets placed there.


Oh that brings me to another topic: I’m kinda hoping Akang would be placed somewhere else and not where he is right now…even if outside Jakarta that would be fine.


Back to topic: Anyway, if I were to do a degree here in Indonesia, I want to do another Master. Since I only got 1.5 years during my previous one, so I want to deepen my knowledge of that field by studying another Master degree in a similar field. The choice is either 1. Communication or 2. Social Science. I really prefer the 2nd once, since, although my official degree is Master of Communication, really what we learnt during those 1.5 years is mostly social studies. But, if I did a degree in social science, there’s not much opportunity for me to teach here in Indonesia. Whereas most universities would have a Communication department, the Social Science department is usually confined in the state universities. And being a lecturer at a state university means I have to become PNS. We (me, Akang, mum) agreed I won’t become PNS. Mum said, “Jadi PNS dilarang kaya!” haha.


So let’s see what Allah has planned for me..

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