Friday, 28 December 2012

Again, On the Universe telling me to do PhD

Bludging away at work (translation: ma-ga-but), these past three days I should be working on my PhD proposal. Since the clients I work with (institutions in Australia, NZ, US, UK, Canada) are on Christmas holidays until first week of January 2013, and most of my customers are holidaying as well, that goes for most staff in the office, too, so it's generally quiet on emails and on people dropping in, too.

So I had planned from weeks before that I'd use these 3 bludgeful (new word!) days to do something worthwhile: MY PROPOSAL.


Since Raka's maid is away, I had to tend for him when I get home, meaning I had no rest at all since when I get home I have to feed him, nurse him, play with him etc that I never even have time for dinner since I'd be too exhausted and fall asleep with him while nursing. Oh not to mention in the morning, I have to wake up really early to cook his meals for the day, then spare time to play with him (he's up around 4 to 5.30am), before finally bathing him, and when he's not in a good mood, I have to soothe his tantrums by nursing him and rocking him to sleep. This happened yesterday, I left home for work at 8.35am, when work starts at 8.30am. I can't take days off work since there would be no one at the office.


When I do get at the office, I get really tired and can't concentrate. The folder with my PhD stuff is left untouched, yesterday I even forgot to bring it. the USB stick is still in my wallet, I didn't even stick it into my PC to save journal articles or whatever my thoughts on the research.

I even start to have second thoughts.. It's going to be hard, right, doing this thing?? Maybe it's not for me.

Then I accidentally came upon a blog of someone who used to go to school with me, who was doing her PhD in Australia, too.

Then, I came across this:

It's another sign, right??

My destiny is UQ PhD right??


Can I get an AMEN here??

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  1. AMIIINNN.. liatlo semangat ngejar Phd gw jadi terpacu juga mulai nyari tahu. haha. ayo wichi keep us updated ya