Monday, 11 February 2013

Rabid Mama: Raka's Language Development Skills

Since I’m missing my boy, let’s be a rabid mama for a while XD


Alhamdulillah for his age, his skills are considered normal if not a little advanced <- rabid :p


He can call the names of everyone in the house, usually their last syllables, except for Mama, Papa, Ninin (his grandma) and Teteh (my cousin, whom he should be calling ‘Tante’ but since Putri – Mbak’s 7yo daughter calls her Teteh so he copies her). So he can call Mbak (his nanny), Uti (Kakak Putri, Mbak’s daughter), Tun (Atun, another maid at our house), Din (our male helper), Maa Nuu (Mas Nus, our neighbour), Babe (Babeh, the foreman in the house that’s being built in front of ours). And like the little prince that he is, he usually calls us in a very bossy manner, especially for our helpers (maybe he learnt from his parents and his grandma ya). But only for his mama, he can call me reaaally softly and full of love :) So when he calls, he usually wants something. Such as “Tiii!! Ni!” (translate: “Putri! Sini!” while making hand signals to ask her to approach him. Or “Mbak! Mam!” or “Mbak! Mimi!” when he’s hungry and thirsty. And “Mama! Meh!” when he wants to nurse.


He can also identify animals. He can say “Gajah” for elephant, “Meong” for cat, “Mbek” for sheep or goat, “Beik” for bebek, “Onyet” for monkey and “Maung” for tiger (dunno where he learnt that, that’s Sundanese word! ^_^).


And since we expose him to TV and phones/tablets, he can say “Mbob” or “Pombob” for Spongebob Squarepants, “Beo” for Angry Birds (or any birds now in general) and “Lala” and “Po” for Teletubbies. So when we sing the Teletubbies song, we go “Tinky Winky, Dipsy..” and Raka will continue “Lala.. Po..” If he wants to watch Teletubbies on Youtube he’d go to my mum’s room where there’s a computer or take my mum’s iPad and say “Lala! Lala!”. But we always accompany him while watching TV and interact with him such as telling the story that’s on TV, we never leave him alone when he’s watching TV so the interaction is still active. So far it’s proven to be good for his development, as he now knows the animals and characters and can say the words because he watches them on TV. But we always let him watch kids channels only such as BabyTV and Cbeebies.


He can now identify himself by calling himself “Tata”. So when we ask him “Itu siapa?” He’d answer: “Mama.” And we ask again “Mamanya siapa?” He’d say “Tata!” while putting his hand on his chest to identify himself hehe.


Oh yeah, he’s multilingual too. Haha. He can say words in Indonesian, such as above. He can also say words in Javanese since Mbak, Kakak Putri, Mbak Atun, Mas Udin, Mas Nus all speak Javanese. His Javanese vocabs are “Aja!” (don’t!), “Emoh!” (don’t want/nggak mau!), and I think there’s more but I forget. Hehe. His English vocab, thanks to BabyTV, are “No!” and “Bye bye!”. Oh, and we just found, as stated above, that he can say the word “Maung” when he sees a picture of a tiger, which is Sundanese word for tiger.


Okay, I was about to write more about his other skills like gross motor, fine motor, etc but I guess I’ve said too much just for language only. XD Which is surprising because he didn’t speak until 1 year old and we kind of suspect he’d be a late talker (cos people say boys are considered to talk later than girls, especially when he’s active, because his energy is used to physical rather than cognitive or language). But, as active toddler as he is (running, climbing, always always always on the move), turns out his other developments are on track too. ^_^



Rabid Mama


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